Update from Well-being SIG

Please help to keep yourself, family, friends, colleagues healthy as we move through this next wave of COVID-19.  It is now more than ever that we have to take care of each other to stay well to take care of our patients.  Take time to destress in small ways—take a walk outside, cook a healthy meal, take a break from the screens and news feeds, play games with your kids, meditate, read a good book--the list is endless.  Be creative and focus yourself the best you can on the things that are going right in your life. 

We had a fantastic Zoom meeting in October during which we reviewed a well-being article (Dr. Adam Was), discussed the formation of the Education Subcommittee to create a longitudinal well-being curriculum (Dr. Stephanie Black), research updates, and ways to collaborate with other groups in the SPA.  We are looking forward to the upcoming virtual SPA meeting in February!  The agenda is rich with well-being topics.  The next Well-being SIG meeting will be in early 2021 - look out for the email! 

As always if you are interested in joining the SIG or have well-being ideas please email us: Norah Janorsy norah.janosy@childrenscolorado.org, Rebecca Margolis rmargolis@chla.usc.edu

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