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Table # 33
Regional Anesthesia in Patients at Risk For Compartment Syndrome or Re-Perfusion Injury? Example of a Patient With Emery-Dreifuss Muscular Dystrophy
Kai Matthes MD, PhD; Raymond Park MD

Table # 34
A Pediatric Patient With Benign Intracranial Hypertension and a Post Dural Puncture Headache: Should We Do an Epidural Blood Patch?
Priti G Dalal, MD; Sonia Vaida. MD

Table # 35
Massive Hemorrhage with Nuss Bar Removal and Massive Transfusion Protocol in a Tertiary Care Center
John S. Jones, MD; Raj Singhal, MD

Table # 36
Cervical Cord Obstruction, Bronchial Compression: Which Should be Fixed First?
Inna Maranets, MD; Shu-Ming Wang, MD

Table # 37
A Case of a Neonate With a Congenital Laryngeal Web: Management of a Difficult Airway and Intra-Operative Complications
Marcellene Franzen, MD; Susan Staudt, MD, MSed

Table # 38
A Patient with a Prolonged QT Interval and Timothy Syndrome
J. Nick Pratap, MB Chir, MRCPCH, FRCA; Matthew C. Mitchell, DO

Table # 39
Low-dose Ketamine as Part of a Multi-Modal Pain Strategy for a Neonatal CDH Repair While on ECMO
F. Wickham Kraemer III, MD; Harshad G. Gurnaney, MBBS

Table # 40
Anesthetic Issues in Children with Morquio Syndrome: No Such Thing as a Minor Anesthetic
Robert P. Brislin, DO; Mary C. Theroux, MD

Table # 41
The Fast and the Feverish
Rahul Baijal, MD; Chris D. Glover, MD

Table # 42
A Fatal Medication Error: Navigating the Legal and Ethical Minefields After a Tragic Outcome
Michael J. Mulick, DO; Douglas R. Thompson, MD

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