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Table # 1
Cardiac Arrest during Resection of a Sacrococcygeal Teratoma in a Premature Neonate with a Large Patent Ductus Arteriosus
Neelima Myneni, MD; Mohamed A. Rehman, MD

Table # 2
Management of Elevated Intracranial Pressure after Bidirectional Glenn
Andrew J. Matisoff, MD; Srijaya K. Reddy, MD

Table # 3
“This Kid Just Doesn’t Look Right” - Gut Feelings in a World of Evidence Based Medicine
Amy E. Vinson, MD; Linda Bulich, MD

Table # 4
Loss of End-tidal CO2 during Repair of Tracheoesophageal Fistula: Things Never Happen the Same Way Twice
Pornswan Ngamprasertwong, MD; Paul J. Samuels, MD

Table # 5
When is an Inhaled Foreign Body Not Just an Inhaled Foreign Body?
Rajvinder S. Dhamrait, MD, FRCA; Sarah A. Maclean, MBChB

Table # 6
Kidney Transplantation in a Pediatric Patient with Fontan Physiology
Kimberly Ngo, MD; Lawrence Israel Schwartz, MD

Table # 7
Machine Problems (Yikes!) in a Patient with a BT Shunt
Kristin L. Richards, MD; Laura A. Hastings, MD, FAAP

Table # 8
Perioperative Management of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in a Child with Baseline Anxiety and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Meredith R. Brooks, MD, MPH; Brenda Golianu, MD

Table # 9
Post-Induction Cardiac Arrest in a Child with Diabetic Ketoacidosis Presenting for Emergency Exploratory Laparotomy
Uma R. Parekh MBBS, FRCA; Priti G. Dalal MD, FRCA

Table # 10
Consent Without Assent: What Should the Anesthesiologist Do When the Adolescent Refuses, Mom Says ‘Yes’ to Emergency Surgery?
Anna Clebone, MD; Paul A. Tripi, MD

Table # 11
From Scoliosis to Cerebral Thrombosis...How Did We Get There?
Steve Serlin, MD; Neil Raj Singhal, MD

Table # 12
An On-Call Nightmare: Epistaxis in an Anticoagulated VAD Patient
Pablo Motta, MD; Premal Trivedi, MD

Table # 13
We’re Doing WHAT!? Patient-Oriented Care for a Sitting Followed by an Awake Craniotomy in a 12 Year Old
Jennifer L. Hernandez, MD; Justin L. Lockman, MD

Table # 14
Tonsillectomy: 3000 Years Old and Still Evolving
Virginia Gauger, MD; Rebecca Nause-Osthoff, MD

Table # 15
When it Rains, it Pours- Large AVM, Heart Failure, Pulmonary HTN, and Now There is V-Tach!
Christina D. Diaz, MD; Rose Campise-Luther, MD

Table # 16
A Child with Mitochondrial Metabolic Disorder and its Anesthetic Implications
Ahmed Fikry Attaallah, MD, PhD; Pavithra Ranganathan, MD

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