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Problem Based Learning Discussions

  • Friday, March 15
  • Saturday, March 16
  • Sunday, March 17

Table #1
I’ve just had a Happy Meal (yum), I’ve got CHARGE syndrome & TOF and now I need surgery ASAP-Monica S. Ganatra, MD, MPH; J. Lance Lichtor, MD

Table #2
“What’s the big hurry?” Fast Track Pediatric Cardiac Surgery: Does the risk outweigh the benefits?-Scott Watkins, MD; Heidi Smith, MD, MSCI

Table #3
Children Who Refuse Surgery: A Case-Based Discussion-Elisabeth M. Hughes, MD; Carrie Menser, MD

Table #4
Fishing for Peanuts In The Airway: a Surprise Around Every Corner-Inna Maranets, MD; Shu-Ming Wang, MD

Table #5
Hypothermia in a newborn in the MRI scanner: A quality of care issue-Uma Parekh, MD, FRCA; Priti Dalal, MD, FRCA

Table #6
An Eroding Airway: Emergency anesthetic management of a child with mediastinitis, septic shock and a necrotizing tracheal rupture-Elaina E. Lin, MD; Dante A. Cerza, MD

Table #7
Postoperative pain management for a patient undergoing radical excision of tibial sarcoma-Harshad Gurnaney, MBBS, MPH; Arjunan Ganesh, MBBS

Table #8
Anesthetic Management in Patients with Pleuropulmonary Blastoma: A report-Ruba Elmaoued, MD; Bettina Smallman, MD

Table #9
Fell from a tree and broke your tracheobronchial tree. Anesthetic implications, complications, and management-Warwick A. Ames, MBBS FRCA; Brad M Taicher, DO, MBA

Table #10
Management of Traumatic Endotracheal Intubation and Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in Neonates-Allan F. Simpao, MD; Mohamed A. Rehman, MD

Table #11
Recurrent Intraoperative Anaphylactic Reaction: What are we missing?-Vidya Chidambaran, MD; Senthilkumar Sadhasivam, MD., MPH

Table #12
My Anesthesia Machine in Your PICU: Who manages it? Who bills it?-Songyos Valairucha, MD; Susan Verghese, MD

Table #13
EXIT procedure: Management of a prenatally diagnosed, tracheal obstructing, cervical teratoma from birth to discharge-Glenn Mann, MD; Michael Lamm, DO

Table #14
Mitochondrial Disease: Have We Come To A Consensus For Anesthetic Management?-Kimberly K. Nesbitt, MD; Thomas M. Romanelli, MD

Table #15
Positive pregnancy test in a 15 year old presenting for surgical correction of coarctation of the aorta-M. Faith Lukens, MD; Edwin A. Bowe, MD

Table #16
A Neonate with Inability to Intubate the Trachea at Delivery Request for “Stat” Transport Direct to Your OR with mask CPAP!-Susan R Staudt, MD, MSEd; Stacy Peterson, MD

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Table #17
A child with Glenn cardiac physiology and prior hypoxic-ischemic brain injury presenting for major hip surgery-J. Nick Pratap, MD; Rachel Koll, MD

Table #18
Acute shunt thrombosis during laparoscopic Nissen/ G-tube procedure in an infant following Norwood palliation for hypoplastic left heart syndrome-Aruna T. Nathan, MBBS, FRCA; James M. Steven, MD

Table #19
Conflicts Among Consultants in End-of-Life Care for the Teenage Cardiac Patient-Mari K Baldwin, MD FAAP; Gerald A Bushman, MD

Table #20
A Palliative Tracheal Stent in a Pediatric Patient with Mediastinal Mass: First do no harm-Allison M Fernandez, MD; Jamie M Schwartz, MD

Table #21
Necrotizing Enterocolitis In Premature Infants-George A. Gregory, MD; David Robinowitz, MD

Table #22
Postnatal Diagnosis: Vein of Galen Aneurysmal Malformation with High Output Cardiac Failure-Marisa Wiktor, DO; Lindsey Loveland, MD

Table #23
Why isn’t this patient’s block catheter working? Trouble-shooting pediatric continuous peripheral nerve blocks-Tiffany Brainerd, MD; Hyun Kee Chung, MD

Table #24
Pneumothorax, pneumoperitoneum and associated complications as relates to one-lung ventilation-Harry Bonet, MD, PhD; Jaclyn Giannone, sCRNA

Table #25
Go-kart crash in a 10 year old-Manon Haché, MD; Teeda Pinyavat, MD

Table #26
One New Liver and Two Blue Extremities: Management of Coagulation Defects in a Child with an Inborn Error of Metabolism-Courtney Kowalczyk, MD; Mohamed Rehman, MD

Table #27
An Adolescent with Anorexia and Idiopathic Scoliosis for Spinal Fusion: Introducing “ProAna” (Pro-Anorexia) and the Intraoperative Complications of “Thinspiration.”-Herodotos Ellinas, MD, FAAP; Alia Fox, MD

Table #28
Improving Safety in the Pediatric Cardiac Cath Lab-Joyce Phillips, MD, FAAP; Jennifer Dillow, MD, FAAP

Table #29
TandemHeart® placement as a bridge to transplant in a 6 year-old female with fulminant heart failure and heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT)-Premal Trivedi, MD; Courtney Hardy, MD

Table #30
Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome: Need for integrative modalities to aid long term pain control-Kasia Rubin, MD; John Stork, MD

Table #31
Bridging to transplant with a lung assist device following an open lung biopsy complicated by a pulmonary hypertensive crisis-James J. Fehr, MD; Tim Welch, MD

Table #32
A 5-Year Old Boy With Williams Syndrome And Branch Pulmonary Artery Stenosis Presents For Supravalvar Aortic Stenosis Repair-Rebecca Hong, MD; Nicole Wilder, MD

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Table #33
Anesthetic Management of Tracheoesophageal Fistula in a Premature Newborn with VACTERL Association and Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome-Greg Latham, MD; Eliot Grigg, MD

Table #34
An infant with Gorlin’s Syndrome and an unresectable cardiac fibroma with ST segment changes on induction of anesthesia-Kelly Chilson, MD; Jacob Christensen, MD

Table #35
OMG! Foreign body in the trachea of a premature (850 Gm) baby! How is he breathing? How to anesthetize him?-Claude Abdallah, MD; Raafat S Hannallah, MD

Table #36
An 11-year-old with mediastinal masses and respiratory distress presents for diagnostic procedures - and his parents refuse anesthesia!-Hedwig Schroeck, MD; Sarah Walton, MD

Table #37
Opening Pandora’s Box: A 2 day old neonate with duodenal atresia, found to have a critical airway anomaly during induction!-Farzana Afroze, MD; Christina Diaz, MD

Table #38
A Case of Cerebellar Mutism after Posterior Fossa Tumor Resection-Jerry Chao, MD; Rebecca Lintner, MD

Table #39
Teenager with Spinal Muscular Atrophy for Open Reduction and Fixation of a Femur Fracture: General or Regional Anesthesia?-Agnes Hunyady, MD; Corrie TM Anderson, MD

Table #40
16 year old with Disabling Chest Wall Pain after Thoracoscopic Talc Pleurodesis for Treatment of Recurrent Spontaneous Pneumothoraces-Kendra Grim, MD; Robert T. Wilder, MD, PhD

Table #41
Management of a pediatric trauma patient (with a bleeding disorder)… when there is too little information and too little time-Thomas E. Cox, MD; Angela Saettele, MD

Table #42
Cardiac arrest in a infant with epidermolysis bullosa during central line placement-Chandra Castro, MD; Kumar Belani, MD

Table #43
Cardiac arrest in a 10 year old following subcutaneous Epinephrine injection prior to excision of a neck mass-Codruta Soneru, MD; Thomas Long, MD

Table #44
Anesthetic Management of a Child with Malignant Hypertension Secondary to a Renal Paraganglioma and Concomitant Renal Artery Stenosis-Joel Stockman, MD; Ellen Choi, MD

Table #45
The Challenges of Undiagnosed Hypotonia-Shannon Grap, MD; Richard Kaplan, MD

Table #46
Perianesthetic Disasters: What Next for the Anesthesiologist?-Christie D. Yarnell, MD; Timothy W. Martin, MD, MBA

Table #47
EGD/Colonoscopy in a Patient with Failing Fontan Circulation: Can’t You Just Do A MAC?-Michelle Schlunt, MD; Charles Lee, MD

Table #48
Evidence based opioid and benzodiazepine weaning following complicated Norwood palliation in an infant with hypoplastic left heart syndrome-Carrie Menser, MD; Andrew Franklin, MD

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