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REGISTRANTS: It is NOT necessary for you to complete printed Verification of Participation forms. Simply complete your online Meeting Evaluation. Your Verification of of Participation Form will be filled in automatically, and you can print your own CME certificates.

You MUST complete a meeting evaluation to receive a CME certificate.

Additional Syllabus Submissions

Any additional or updated syllabus submissions we receive after flash drive production will be available on this page.

Keynote: The Science of Safety
Peter J. Pronovost, MD, PhD, FCCM (USA)
Moderator: Marcin Rawicz, MD, PhD (Poland)

Improving the Safety of Pediatric Anesthesia Care in the Less Developed World
Isabeau Walker, BSc, MB, BChir, FRCA (United Kingdom)

Saving Lives Through Safer Surgery: The LifeBox Project
Angela Enright, MB, FRCPC (Canada)

Pulse Oximetry Based Hemoglobin Determination
Helen Holtby, MBBS, FRCP(C) (Canada)

The Electronic Record and the Use of Data Sniffers
Daryl J. Kor, MD (USA)

Best Oral Abstract: Australasia
Moderator: Katsuyuki Miyasaka, MD (Japan)

Best Oral Abstract: Europe
Moderator: Piedad Echeverry, MD (Columbia)

Humanitarian Delivery of Safe Anesthesia and Surgery: Raising the Bar
KA Kelly McQueen, MD, MPH (USA)

Audits, Incidents & QI Databases: Lessons and Opportunities for International Cooperation
Donald C. Tyler, MD, MBA (USA)

Education as the Foundation of Safety: Training Programs in the Less Developed World
Zipporah Gathuya, MBChB, MMED (Kenya)

Best Oral Abstract: Americas
Moderator: Mark Crawford, MBBS, FRCPC (Canada)

Keynote: IARS Lecture - SmartTots
Michael F. Roizen, MD (USA)

Anesthetics and the Developing Brain: Time for a Change in Practice?
Moderator: Peter J. Davis, MD (USA)

  • Pro: Laszlo Vutskits, MD, PhD (Switzerland)
  • Con: Tom Hansen, MD, PhD (Denmark)

Nitrous Oxide: Is it Needed Anymore?
Moderator: Bruno Marciniak, MD (France)

  • Pro: Victor C. Baum, MD (USA)
  • Con: Victor C. Baum, MD (USA)

Best Oral Abstract: Africa/Middle East
Moderator: Hussein Abu-Khudair, MBBS (Jordan)

Abstract Awards
1st Place
2nd Place
Moderator: Rachel Efrat, MD (Israel)

Session A: Pediatric Simulation - Scenarios & Principles
David J. Murray, MD (USA)


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