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6:30 am

7:00 – 7:45am
Continental Breakfast with Exhibitors

7:45 – 7:55 am
Introduction and Welcome
Lynn Martin, MD, FAAP, MBA and Wendy Binstock, MD

7:55 – 8: 15 am
Introduction to the “Pioneers in Pediatric Anesthesia”
Christine Mai, MD

8:15 – 9:45 am
Pediatric Transplantation – Where have we been, and where are we going?
Moderator - Anne M. Lynn, MD

  • Pediatric Cardiac Transplantation - From Vision to Reality
    – Linda J. Mason, MD
  • Pediatric Pulmonary Transplantation: An Inspiration? – Stuart R. Hall, MD
  • Liver Transplantation – Peter J. Davis, MD
  • Questions & Discussion

9:45 – 10:15 am
Break with Exhibitors

10:15 – 11:45 am
The Future is Here!
Moderator: Jerrold Lerman, MD


Then and Now: The State of Electronic Medical Records

  • Mohamed A. Rehman, MD
  • Marc J. Bloom, MD, PhD


  • Where Will This Take Us? – Steven Shafer, MD
  • Questions and Discussion

11:45 am – 1:30 pm
Lunch – Round Table Discussions (non CME)
Choose a topic and join in PBLD-style discussions with pioneers, experts and colleagues. Please refer to separate tab at the top of this page.

1:30 – 3:00 pm
Panel on Anesthesia for the Neonate
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Paralysis to toxicity

Moderator: Catherine R. Bachman, MD

The Past

  • Ether, Pancuronium and Oxygen – George Gregory, MD

The Present

  • Inhalational - Neurotoxicity – Sol Soriano, MD
  • Opioids – Myron Yaster, MD

The Future

  • New Agents: Safe and effective alternatives for sedation and general anesthesia in neonates – Mervyn Maze, MB, ChB

3:00 – 3:30 pm
Break with Exhibitors

3:30 – 4:15 pm
Monitoring in Pediatric Anesthesia – Then and Now
Moderator: Nina A. Guzzetta, MD

  • The Pulse Oximetry Revolution – Randall Wetzel, MD
  • NIRS and Venous-side Monitoring of the Circulation – George Hoffman, MD
  • Questions & Discussion

4:15 – 5:15 pm
Panel of the Pioneers - My Favorite Story
Moderator: Christine Mai, MD

7:00 – 11:00 pm
25th Anniversary Gala Celebration
Chicago Yacht Club • Live entertainment by The Voltage Brothers

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Lunch Roundtable Discussions

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Fast Track Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
Pioneer: D. Ryan Cook, MD   Discussion Leaders: Suanne M. Daves, MD; Scott C. Watkins, MD

Perioperative Management of the Neonate with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS)
Pioneer: Randall C. Wetzel, MD, FAAP   Discussion Leaders: Stephen A. Stayer, MD, FAAP; Erin S. Williams, MD

Primary pulmonary hypertension
Pioneer: Robert H. Friesen, MD   Discussion Leaders: Lena S. Sun, MD; Radhika Dinavahi, MD

Thoughts on Cerebral Protection During the Norwood Procedure
Pioneer: William J. Greeley, MD, MBA  Discussion Leaders: Francis X. McGowan, Jr., MD; Marc Hassid, MD

Anesthesia for Nissen Fundoplication in a Child with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome after Stage I Hybrid Palliation
Pioneer: Shobha Malviya, MD, FAAP  Discussion Leaders: Joseph D. Tobias, MD; Christopher T. McKee, DO

Pediatric Airway Management

Prioritizing difficult airway management in children with critical illness
Pioneer: J. Michael Badgwell, MD, FAAP Discussion Leaders: Kenneth M. Brady, MD; Chris D. Glover, MD

A 2-month-old male with Pierre Robin Sequence presents for bilateral sagittal split mandibular osteotomies and placement of external distractors
Pioneer: Nishan Goudsouzian, MD   Discussion Leaders: Paul J. Samuels, MD; Smokey J. Clay, MD

A fourteen year old male with mucopolysacharidosis type II (Hunter’s syndrome) presents for port insertion and oral rehabilitation (dental restoration)
Pioneer: Aubrey Maze, MD   Discussion Leaders: Lynne Gerson Maxwell, MD, FAAP; Paul A. Stricker, MD

The Difficult Airway In The Presence of Esophageal Obstruction
Pioneer: Steven C. Hall, MD   Discussion Leaders: William L. McNiece, MD; Michael A. Acquaviva, MD

Micrognathic infant scheduled for offsite cardiac MRI: What could possibly go wrong?
Pioneer: Baba V. Koka, MBBS  Discussion Leaders: Catherine R. Bachman, MD; Michael Hernandez, MD

Try, try, and try again!?  Unanticipated difficult airway in a patient with suspected CHARGE syndrome.
Pioneer: Frederick A. Berry, MD  Discussion Leaders: Anne G. Bailey, MD; Sara Pittenger, MD

Pediatric Pain

An Oldie but a Goodie:  A Fresh look at Neonatal Perioperative Pain Management
Pioneer: Ann M. Lynne, MD  Discussion Leaders: Julie J. Niezgoda, MD; Shelly-Anne Rodriguez, MD

Perioperative Pain Management for Patients Who Have Prolonged Exposure to Narcotic Therapy
Pioneer: Juan F. Gutierrez-Mazorra, MD, FAAP  Discussion Leaders: Jayant K. Deshpande, MD, MPH, FAAP; Arthura D. Moore, MD

10- Year Old Emergently Presents via Airlift with cold “pulseless” foot
Pioneer: Charles B. Berde, MD, PhD   Discussion Leaders: Joseph P. Cravero, MD, FAAP; Janey P. McGee, MD

A 14 month-old female is scheduled for colostomy take down under general anesthesia
Pioneer: Myron Yaster, MD   Discussion Leaders: Santhanam Suresh, MD, FAAP; Patrick K. Birmingham, MD

Between a Rock and a Hard Place:  Pain Management for a Nine-year-old with Multiple Fractures and Closed Head Injury
Pioneer: Peter J. Davis, MD  Discussion Leaders: Andrew T. Costarino, Jr., MD; Jamie Schwartz, MD

Pediatric Ambulatory and/or Sedation Procedures

An 8 year old patient with severe autism spectrum disorder presents to your outpatient surgery center for left tympanoplasty
Pioneer: Charles H. Lockhart, MD  Discussion Leaders: Zeev N. Kain, MD, MBA; Suzanne Strom, MD

A 2 year-old male infant with a history of Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) status post repair with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) presents for a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy to your ambulatory surgery center (ASC)
Pioneer: Theodore W. Striker, MD  Discussion Leaders: Lucinda L. Everett, MD; Tony Anderson, MD

911! It’s a bleeding tonsil…with Hemophilia A!
Pioneer: Raafat S. Hannallah, MD   Discussion Leaders: Rita Agarwal, MD, FAAP; Debra J. Faulk, MD

Sedation for an MRI for a Child with an Egg and Soy Allergy and a Recent Meal
Pioneer: Burton S. Epstein, MD  Discussion Leaders: Carolyn F. Bannister, MD, FAAP; Kenneth S. Stewart, DO

Perioperative management of the child with obstructive sleep apnea
Pioneer: Charles J. Cote, MD, FAAP  Discussion Leaders: Deborah A. Schwengel, MD; Allison Fernandez, MD

Pediatric Neurosurgery

A 12 Year-Old Male with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy for Spinal Instrumentation and Fusion (Scoliosis Repair)
Pioneer: Russell C. Raphaely, MD  Discussion Leaders: Linda J. Mason, MD; Joana Ratsiu, MD

Intraoperative Electrocorticography and Dexmedetomidine
Pioneer: Jerrold Lerman, MD, FRCPC   Discussion Leaders: Lynn D. Martin, MD, MBA, FAAP; James Chen, MD

Anesthetic Management of a Child Undergoing Craniotomy in the Sitting Position
Pioneer: Mark A. Rockoff, MD  Discussion Leaders: Maria M. Zestos, MD; Suresh T. Thomas, MD

Anesthetic Management of Craniosynostosis Repair
Pioneer: John F. Ryan, MD   Discussion Leaders: Gregory B Hammer, MD; Radhamangala J. Ramamurthi, MD, FRCA

Pediatric ICU/NICU/Emergencies/Transport

Cerebral Perfusion in Traumatic Brain injury in a six year old.
Pioneer: Eric B. Furman, MD, MS    Discussion Leaders: Jospeh R. Tobin, MD, FAAP, FCCM; Zulfiqar Ahmed, MBBS, FAAP

Induced hypothermia in newborn
Pioneer: George A. Gregory, MD, FAAP   Discussion Leaders: Randall P. Flick, MD MPH FAAP; Dawit T. Haile, MD

Rapid Sequence or ‘Rapid Decompensation’ Intubation?”: a 2-year-old with ventriculo-peritoneal shunt malfunction, acute abdomen, and enlarged cardiac silhouette
Pioneer: Shirley Graves, MD   Discussion Leaders: Eugenie S. Heitmiller, MD, FAAP; Jennifer K. Lee, MD

Critical Care Management of a Pediatric Near-Drowning Victim, s/p Cardiac Arrest, with Acute Lung Injury and Ischemic Encephalopathy
Pioneer: Alvin Hackel, MD  Discussion Leaders: George D. Politis, MD, MPH; Todd J. Kilbaugh, MD

Management of 1 year old with anterior mediastinal mass and critical airway
Pioneer: Dolly D. Hansen, MD, FAAP   Discussion Leaders: Mona S. Goldfine, MD; Nicholette Kasman, MD

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