Job Title:Pediatric Anesthesiologist
Date Posted:2021-07-26
Job Location:San Diego County, California
Job Requirements:Fellowship trained and/or certified pediatric anesthesiologist. Preferred candidate will have several years of experience and be comfortable working in non-OR locations. Also requisite for this position are people with positive attitudes who truly love what they do and "play well with others".
Job Description:POAS (Pediatric Office Anesthesia Specialists) provides mobile dental office anesthesia for children and occasional young healthy adults at dental offices and surgery centers throughout San Diego County and some Orange County offices just north of San Diego. Our mission is to improve the quality of care to our patients and offices thru the use of a standardized team approach provided by experts in Pediatric Anesthesia. The right candidate is comfortable working in non-traditional anesthesia settings and is either knowledgeable about anesthesia equipment and systems issues or willing to learn. Hours are excellent (daytime only), call is perfect (NONE!), politics are minimal (we are necessary providers to the offices we serve and they are grateful for our program and expertise), and pay is EXCELLENT (we pay $300/hr anesthesia time and you can expect to make between $300K-$500K or MORE per year for mostly full time work.
Contact information:Patrick D DeMars MD
cell: 605-381-9513
Scott A. Gillin MD
cell: 858-254-0512
Posted by:Patrick DeMars MD