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Our goal is to raise $500,000 in pledges to support advancing pediatric anesthesia safety efforts. Specifically, in combination with the current funds in the Patient Safety Education & Research Fund, this would allow $25,000 from interest each year to be used to support starter grants to investigate pediatric anesthesia safety questions.

We have pledges from 100% of current officers, board members and past presidents, as well as the majority of our former board members. These initial pledges total more than $150,000.

The suggested pledge is $5,000 over any timeframe up to 5 years. However, any amount of support will be accepted. We hope that you will be willing to join us in this worthy cause. Children are rarely seen as driving "market share", so our support to advance safety in pediatric anesthesia is critical.

Click here to pledge and/or donate online.

Click here for a printable pledge/donation form.

Click here for a list of pledges and 2013 donations.

Thank you for your consideration of our request. If you have any questions, please contact Kim Battle, SPA Association Manager, at kim@societyhq.com, or one of your Directors.

Thank you.
Nancy L. Glass, MD, MBA, FAAP
Shobha Malviya, MD
President Elect
Randall Flick, MD, MPH, FAAP
Lynn D. Martin, MD, FAAP, FCCM
Immediate Past President
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