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This section is devoted to those of us who do not have a ready-made set of various aged young people at our immediate disposal who could help us understand what is of interest to children these days. In order to help us escape from the bottomless depths of our grownup ignorance, this page will provide insights from prominent small people into whatever happens to currently pique the interest of the younger set. Armed with the information contained herein, grownup pediatric anesthesiologists will be able to converse knowledgeably with their patients about things important to the children or at least be able to fake it until the induction is over. Things will be kept simple since the target audience is grownups. As editor, since I am also one of those aforementioned poorly informed grownups, I will exercise little control over content, but may from time to time help with grammar or comment on a particular topic. I welcome suggestions for topics to be reviewed in future issues and will endeavor to find authors of the appropriate ages for those topics. In response to the many requests (both of them) I have expanded the age range here and following a review of some new cartoons, there is a sampling of bands of interest to the teen-agers.

Thomas J. Mancuso, MD


Cartoon Network

  • Ed, Edd and Eddie Three best friends who are not popular with others. Edd (aka,Double D) is the smart one, Ed is the dumb one who often acts funny while Eddie is interested in money.
  • Dexter's Laboratory This is about a boy genius, Dexter, who built a secret lab beneath his house. His sister, named Dee Dee, had discovered the lab and often disrupts the lab and interferes with the experiments. There is another character, Mandark, who is also a genius but dislikes Dexter. They are jealous of one another, each wanting to be the smartest
  • Dragonball Z There a super strong characters who fight inhuman, super strong villains. These characters have extraordinary powers. The main good-guy characters are called Goku, Gohan and Cirllen and the main bad-guy is called Vegata. An obvious rip-off of Marvel Comics
  • Scooby-Doo is the same old cartoon but the children don't realize it.


  • Catdog This character is a dog at one end and a cat at the other (don't ask how). Their parents are a blue alien and a frog. (I am NOT making this up!) The two ends are brothers and have adventures, often disagreeing with each other but eventually getting along. Catdog has enemies who pursue them named the greasers. Individually they are: Shriek, Lube and Cliff. Another character is a blue rat, named Winslow, who lives in the walls of catdogs house.

Musical Interests of Teens

  • Radiohead, A 5 member, all male band from England whose members actually play musical instruments. Theirs is music with a social conscience. Very intellectual.
  • 9 Inch Nails, Another all male band. Very cool, alternative music. NB They don't actually have 9 inch nails, although it may sound that way based on how they play.
  • The Corrs, A family, one brother and his sisters. The band is from Ireland.
  • NSYNC, The archetype boy band. None of the artists(?) actually play instruments, but they apparently dance well.
  • S Club7, A British band with 3 males, 4 females. They sing, but do not play instruments.
  • Samantha Mumba, A female solo singer
  • B'Witched, An Irish band composed of 4 females
  • Souldecision , An all male band
  • 3LW , An all girl band
  • Green Day, A leftover all male, grunge band. They do play musical instruments, but not particularly well. NB the band has nothing to do with environmentalism.


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