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Education Committee Report

The SPA Education Committee met on Saturday, October 13 in New Orleans to review the evaluations of the 2001 Annual Meeting and to begin planning the 2002 Annual Meeting program. Dr. Anne Lynn called the meeting to order and the following committee members participated: S. Suresh, S. Schulman, I. Cohen, L. Martin, D. Stillions, F. Kern, L. Liu, B. Koka, J. Steven, M. Zwass, V. Armistead, L. Dahm, J. Tobin, M. Schreiner, F. Cassidy, P. Davis, M. Yaster, L. Maxwell, D. Ririe, C. Lenox, S. Stayer, A. Ruscher, W. Binstock, L. Means, J. Niezgoda, K. Hanson, P. Davidson, R. Agarwal, E. Stuth, and S. Hinckley.

The committee reviewed the ACCME requirements for exemplary compliance in each of the essential areas. Particular emphasis was placed on documenting that the needs assessment comes from multiple sources and not just from evaluation forms. The recommendation was made to have all future program directors provide an outline of where each topic was derived such as evaluations, expert opinion, journal articles, other programs, etc.

Some of the topics that were discussed for the 2002 program include Thrombosis/Hemostasis; Control of Coagulation & Inflammation; Blood Substitutes; Component Therapy; LMA for Tonsillectomy, Evidence Based Medicine and family-centered anesthesia. A first draft of the program was developed by Dr. Zwass, who will contact potential speakers. It was noted that the next business meeting will be held during the 2002 program in Orlando.

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