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Over the past two years as SPA El-Jefe (President), I have been fortunate to not only have enjoyed the journey but also the company of SPA members. As President, I can't really point to any issue or personal accomplishment that I can lay claim to, however, I feel the SPA journey has been a successful one. I feel that we as an organization (I emphasize the word "we") have maintained SPA's mission and focus. SPA continues to be an organization whose function is to provide educational and scientific opportunities for its members as well as advocacy support for pediatric issues. These SPA missions were advanced despite this being a time of economic difficulty and a time where institution's anesthesia needs exceeded their anesthesia resources.

However, the success of this organization continues to be its leaders and its members. The leadership of SPA continues to bring out the best in people and consequently the best of the organization. The commitment of SPA leaders to a 10-year cycle reflects the organization's desire to succeed. In addition, this long-term commitment of its leaders also prevents SPA from continually re-inventing itself. The second element in the success of the organization lies in SPA's members. SPA members continue to be a major asset of the organization. SPA's programs and activities are member driven. The organization carefully listens to its members and responds to its needs. Thus, membership continues to be its greatest resource. In summary, it has been an honor and a privilege to be a part of an organization that takes pride in its mission, pride in its activities, and responsiveness to its members. I have enjoyed the journey.

Peter J. Davis, MD

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