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Editor's Corner

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and is starting to make plans for the SPA and ASA meeting in October. The SPA program looks excellent this year and the AAP Breakfast Panel on "Forbidden Fruit: The Use of `Black Box Warning' Drugs in Pediatric Anesthesia" (Tuesday morning, October 15 ) should prove to be extremely thought-provoking. The ASA, as always has a wonderful selection of pediatric-related panels, problem-based learning discussions, abstract presentations and assorted other topics. I hope to see you all in Orlando at the meeting. As promised we have another excellent Point/Counterpoint on the role of intubation in the patient with a URI, edited by Dr. Tom Mancuso. Dr. Greeley, who is the Pediatric Anesthesia Section editor for Anesthesia and Analgesia has provided us with an informative update on the Journal; the number of contributions; changes in the procedures to streamline publication; and an invitation to possible editors. This issue's Journal reviews will be on the web-based newsletter (WBNL). It's time for elections again. You will find a list of the candidates for various positions within the SPA organization and a brief description of their qualifications. All the candidates are so good, I know it will be an extremely difficult decision, but nevertheless I encourage everyone to read their resumes and vote. Contrary to what has been in the popular press all of Colorado is not burning, although it has been a very hot, dry summer and we have had some terrible wildfires. Most are now under control, and property damage has been kept to a minimum. As always any ideas, suggestions, comments or desires to be a contributor, please let me know.

Rita Agarwal, MD, FAAP
The Children's Hospital/UCHSC
Denver, CO

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