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Editor's Corner

The SPA and ASA Conferences in Orlando this year were a great success. The weather in Orlando, while too hot and humid for those of us from the cooler, drier climes of Colorado and especially those of us pregnant with twins, was enjoyed by most. The meetings seemed to be well attended, despite all the distractions Orlando provides. As a result, there is an excellent review of the SPA meeting by Dr. David Polaner, as well as a review of the AAP Section on Anesthesiology Breakfast Panel by Dr. Joe Tobin. Drs. Anne Dickinson and Jeffrey Galinkin have provided reviews from some of the ASA pediatric abstract sessions (both on the web-based newsletter (WBNL) and the printed newsletter (PNL). Thanks to Drs. Gooden, Golden, and Khambatta for their article reviews, and to my associate editor Dr. Tom Mancuso for his Article Reviews and Commentary.

The Fellows Corner is back this issue, addressing the question of perioperative steroid use. For all Fellowship Directors, fellows or anyone who works with fellows I really would like to encourage you get involved with the Fellows Corner, either by writing article reviews or addressing specific issues or questions. We don't want this to turn into the Denver and Philadelphia Fellows' Corner. For more information please contact Dr. Jeffrey Galinkin at Galinkin@email.chop.edu.

The election results for new officers and directors held during the SPA annual meeting may be found on page 9.

The Minutes from most Committee Meetings are available on the WBNL. I hope everyone will get a chance to review them, and have a better understanding of what these committees do. Anyone interested in joining one of these committees should get in touch with the Committee Chair. As always, anyone interested in joining the Communications Committee and getting involved with the newsletter, should let me know: Agarwal.rita@tchden.org.

Finally, this looks like a great year for skiing or snowboarding in the mountains (for those of you not pregnant). Most of the ski resorts are already open with great snow and fresh powder!!!

Rita Agarwal, MD, FAAP
The Children's Hospital/UCHSC
Denver, CO Agarwal.Rita@tchden.org

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