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Article Reviews and Commentary


Omalizumab Improves Asthma-related Quality of Life in Children with Allergic Asthma
Lemanske RF, Nayak A, McAlary M et al. Pediatrics 2002;110(5)


Omalizumab is a recombinant, monoclonal anti-IgE antibody developed as a treatment of IgE-mediated asthma and other IgE-mediated conditions. Other reports have shown that children with allergic asthma have treated with Omalizumab had reduced requirements for inhaled steroids. The authors here report part of the results of a 28 week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of omaalizumab. Children who were enrolled were well-controlled with daily inhaled corticosteroids. During the course of the study, the dose of inhaled steroid was reduced and throughout the Pediatric Asthma Quality of Life Questionaire (PAQLQ) was administered to the participating families. Based on the responses to the PAQLQ the children had fewer symptoms and improvement in their participation in activities.

Commentary Thomas J. Mancuso, MD, FAAP

Please don't ask me to pronounce this medication! This paper is included to illustrate the advances in outpatient management of asthma.

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