MOCA Simulation @ SPA


MOCA Simulation @ SPA
Thursday, October 17, 2019
10:00 AM - 5:30 PM
Rosen Centre Hotel
Space is very limited!


  • Offer a contextual learning opportunity to assess and improve their practice in areas such as crisis management in a simulation setting at an ASA-endorsed activity
  • Realistically recreate challenging clinical cases to allow participants to problem‐solve in a manner that is similar to actual clinical experience
  • Provide an opportunity for physicians to improve their skills in Practice-Based Learning and Improvement

ABA diplomats must complete multiple activities over their 10-year MOCA cycle to demonstrate that they are participating in evaluation of their clinical practice and their engagement in practice improvement activities. In MOCA 2.0, diplomats must earn 25 points per five-year period for a total of 50 points during the 10-year MOCA cycle. Successful completion of the MOCA Simulation @ SPA activity will fulfill 25 points (ALL) of the required Part 4 activities for a five-year period.