Board of Directors and Education Committee Disclosures


  1. No Relationship with Commercial Supporters
  2. Employment
  3. Management Position
  4. Independent Contractor (including contracted research)
  5. Consulting
  6. Speaking and Teaching
  7. Membership on Advisory Committees or Review Panels
  8. Board Membership
  9. Other Activities
  10. Author did not provide disclosure information prior to printing. Disclosure will occur prior to the presentation.

Prior to the start of the meeting all identified conflicts of interest will be resolved as per the SPA CME Resolution of Conflict of Interest (COI) Policy dated August 5, 2005

Board of Directors

Shobha Malviya, MD, FAAP, President 4, Candence Pharmaceuticals
Randall Flick, MD, MPH, FAAP, Vice President 1
Kirk Lalwani MB BS,FRCA, MCR, Secretary/Treasurer 1
Nancy Glass, MD, MBA, FAAP. Immediate Past President 1
Wendy Binstock, MD 1
Franklyn Cladis, MD 1
Randall Clark, MD, FAAP 8 American Society of Anesthesiologists; Colorado Society of Anesthesiologists
Joseph Cravero, MD, FAAP 1
James Fehr, MD 1
Cheryl Gooden, MD, FAAP 1
Mary Ellen McCann, MD, MPH 1
Samuel Wald, MD, MBA 1
Emad Mossad, MD, CCAS Board President 1
Sabine Kost-Byerly, MD, FAAP, SPPM Board President 1
James DiNardo, MD, Ex-Officio, A&A Editor 1
Joseph Tobias, MD, FAAP, Liaison AAP Section on Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine 1

Education Committee

Zulfiqar Ahmed, MBBS, FAAP 1
Inger Aliason, MD 1
Jennifer Aunspaugh, MD 1
Ihab Ayad, MD 1
Carolyn Bannister, MD, FAAP 1
Kumar Belani, MBBS, FAAP 1
Tarun Bhalla, MD 1
Wendy Binstock, MD 1
Franklyn Cladis, MD 1
Anna Clebone, MD 1
Ira Todd Cohen, MD, MEd, FAAP 1
Alberto de Armendi, MD, PhD, MBA 1
Karen Dean, MD 10
Jayant Deshpande, MD, MPH, FAAP 1
Nina Deutsch, MD 1
Christina Diaz, MD 1
James DiNardo, MD 1
R. Scott Dingeman, MD, FAAP 1
R. Blaine Easley, MD 1
James Fehr, MD 1
John Fiadjoe, MD 1
Sean Flack, MBChB FCA DA 1
Randall Flick, MD, MPH, FAAP 1
Nancy Glass, MD, MBA, FAAP 1
Nina Guzzetta, MD 1
Charles Haberkern, MD, MPH 1
N. James Halliday, MD, FCARCSI 1
Courtney Hardy, MD 1
Bishr Haydar, MD 1
Eugenie Heitmiller, MD, FAAP 1
Constance Houck, MD, FAAP 1
Sabine Kost-Byerly, MD, FAAP 1
Anjana Kundu, MBBS, MD 1
Kirk Lalwani, MB BS,FRCA, MCR 1
Ira Landsman, MD 1
Helen Lauro, MD, MPH, MS, FAAP 1
Yuan-Chi Lin, MD, MPH 1
Justin Lockman, MD, FAAP 1
Christine Mai, MD 1
Shobha Malviya, MD, FAAP 4, Candence Pharmaceuticals
Linda Mason, MD 1
Lynne Gerson Maxwell, MD, FAAP 7 The Medicines Company, Luitpoid Pharmaceuticals; 4 Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals, Grunenthal, Janssen, Merck
Mary Ellen McCann, MD, MPH 1
John McCloskey, MD 10
Peggy McNaull, MD 1
Petra Meier, MD, DEAA 1
Wanda Miller-Hance, MD 1
Constance Monitto, MD 1
Julie Niezgoda, MD 1
Dolores Njoku, MD 4 Thermo-Fisher; 9 McGraw-Hill Education
Daniel Roke, MD 1
Kasia Rubin, MD 1
Paul Samuels, MD 1
Peggy Seidman, MD, FAAP 1
Stephen Stayer, MD, FAAP 1
Rosalie Tassone, MD, MPH 10
Joseph Tobias, MD, FAAP 1
Paul Tripi, MD 1
Mark Twite, MD, BCh 1
Samuel Wald, MD, MBA 1
Scott Walker, MD 1
Sno White, MD 1
Robert Wilder, MD, PhD 1
Samuel Yanofsky, MD, MSEd 1
Myron Yaster, MD 5 Purdue Pharma, Endo Pharma, Astra Zeneca, Roxanne Labs, Kempharm
David Young, MD, FAAP 1
Stewart Hinckley, Staff 1
Kim Battle, Staff 1

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