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Beyond the randomized controlled trial - The new science of using clinical information systems
Sachin Kheterpal, MD, MBA

  • Discuss the use of multi-centered database mining

  • Explore the use of databases in researching clinical questions

  • Provide examples of how this research technique can be used for practice improvement

Databases for practice improvement: successes of the virtual PICU
Randall C. Wetzel, MBBS, FAAP

  • Understand the utility of a multi-institutional database

  • Discuss the use of comparative data in practice improvement

  • Provide specific clinical examples of practice change through the use of multi-centered data

The electronic anesthesia record can be used to improve patient care
Mohamed Rehman, MD

  • Discuss an example of how the electronic anesthesia record was used to solve a clinical problem.

The electronic anesthesia record can be used to improve OR efficiency
B. Randall Brenn, MD

  • Discuss an example of how the electronic anesthesia record was used to improve operating room efficiency

Clinical Work: Productivity-based Compensations vs. Incentive Plans
Amr Abouleish, MD, MBA

  • Understand the differences between Productivity-based compensations and incentives

  • Understand what is valued and devalued by possible productivity measurements

Performance-based Credentialing
C. Dean Kurth, MD

  • Discuss current and future JCAHO regulations for performance based credentialing

  • Provide an example of a working system for performance based credentialing

Crew Resource Management
David M. Gaba, MD

  • Discuss the utility of crew resource management in improving safety and quality in the operating room

  • Describe the resources required in providing crew resource management for operating room personnel

  • Discuss current and future JACAHO regulations regarding CRM

Thomas L. Shaw, MD

  • Describe improved communication with transfer of care between intensive care units and the operating rooms

Eugenie S. Heitmiller, MD, FAAP

  • Describe the use of checklists to improve safety in the operating room

The Katrina Experience
Charles J. Fox, MD

  • Present the experience and effects on health care delivery during and after the hurricane.

  • Describe what additional preparation would have improved outcomes

  • Describe what processes functioned well

Resource Utilization in Disasters
Paul Sirbaugh, MD

  • Recognize the importance of outsourcing talents, skill sets and resources during disaster planning and response

  • Describe the response and lessons learned from Katrina evacuees housed in the Astrodome

  • Compare the responses, successes and failures between Katrina, Rita and Ike