2006 Faculty Manuscripts


Can Our Monitors Save Us? NIRS - What does it measure? Does it matter? Outcome data?
C. Dean Kurth, MD

Where Do We Stand on Awareness?
Peter J. Davis, MD

Central Line Skin Prep
Douglas G. Ririe, MD

Preoperative Antibiotics
Jeffrey L. Galinkin, MD

How Do You Find Out These Standards?
Donald C. Tyler, MD

How To Get Docs to Do What They're Supposed To
Nancy L. Glass, MD, MBA, FAAP

Crew Resource Management
Moderator: Eric V. Jackson, MD
Sally E. Rampersad, MD and Captain Carlyle "Jai" Rampersad

Friday Workshops

Fellows Research Workshop
Alan Tait, MD; Jerrold Lerman, MD

Junior Faculty Workshop: Success in Academics
Joseph R. Tobin, MD

A2 - Complementary and Alternative Techniques in the Treatment of Pain
Thomas R. Vetter, MD

A3 - Epidural Management
Joseph D. Tobias, MD; Christine D. Greco, MD, FAAP; Stephen R. Hays, MD, FAAP; Charles R. Schrock, MD

A4 - Neonatal Ventilation: HFV and oscillators
John H. Arnold, MD

A5 - Peripheral Nerve Blocks
Santhanam Suresh, MD, FAAP

A6 - Work/Life Balance
Mary Ellen McCann, MD; Rita Agarwal, MD; Ann E. Ruscher, MD

B1 - Magical Distractions for Children
J. Christian Abajian, MD, FAAP; Charles B. Eastwood, MD, CM

Friday Refresher Courses

R2 - Tales from the MH Hotline
Barbara W. Brandom, MD; Ronald S. Litman, DO; Richard F. Kaplan, MD

R3 - Neonatal Hypoxic-ischemic Brain Injury: Mechanisms and strateies for prevention and treatmen
John J. McAuliffe, III, MD

R4 - Update on Sedation
Joseph P. Cravero, MD

Saturday Workshops

C2 - Acupuncture
Yuan-Chi Lin, MD

C3 - Epidural Management
John B. Rose, MD, FAAP; Kenneth Goldschneider, MD, FAAP; Polina Voronov, MD; Jacqueline Drummond-Lewis, MD

C4 - Anesthesia Ventilators / Ventilator Modes
Jeffrey M. Feldman, MD; Steven Stayer, MD; John J. McCloskey, MD; Michael Mitton, CRNA

C5 - Peripheral Nerve Blocks
Allison K. Ross, MD

C6 - Difficult Airway
Sharma Anshuman, MD, FFARCSI; Robert S. Greenberg, MD; Cheryl K. Gooden, MD; Yewande Johnson, MD; Cengiz Karsli, MD; Patrick Olomu, MD, FRCA; Gregory J. Schears, MD; Veronica C. Swanson, MD; David Allen Young, MD; Priti G. Dalal, MBBS, MD, FRCA

Saturday Refresher Courses

R5 - Anesthesia for Nuss Procedures
Lynn G. Maxwell, MD

R6 - Treatment of RSD
Sabine Kost-Byerly, MD

R7 - Anesthesia Considerations for Laparoscopic Procedures
Carolyn F. Bannister, MD

R8 - Pediatric Trauma
Paul L. Reynolds, MD

Problem Based Learning Discussions

1. Laparoscopic gastric bypass in morbidly obese adolescents
Nancy L. Glass, MD, MBA, FAAP; Erin A. Gottlieb, MD

2. Urgent appendectomy in a child with a failing AV canal repair
Stuart Hall, MD; Scott Markowitz, MD

3. Former preemie with a difficult airway for an MRI scan
Rita Agarwal, MD, FAAP; Thomas Taghon, DO

4. Liver transplant in child with complex problems
Melanie Jeanne Alo, MD; Denisa Haret, MD

5. Tiny preemie for an X-lap . and they want to do it in the NICU!
Peter A. Chin, MBBS; Jenny Dolan, MD

6. Induction dilemmas in pediatric anesthesia practice
Thomas E. Cox, MD; Timothy E. Dutton, MD

7. Child with refractory reflux requiring upper endoscopy
Robert B. Forbes, MD, FAAP ; Nina Deutsch, MD

8. The emergency department wants to use Etomidate, should we let them?
Jeffrey L. Galinkin, MD; Jeana E. Havidich, MD

9. Management of common problems in a child undergoing a renal transplant
Ann E. Ruscher, MD; Raymond Dumont, MD

10. Management of a child with laryngeal papillomas
Robert S. Holzman, MD, FAAP; Angela Kendrick, MD

11. Management of a child for seizure surgery
Samuel E. Golden, MD; David Allen Young, MD

12. Pain and symptom management at end of life for a 14-year-old with metastic osteosacroma
Robert T. Wilder, MD; Anjana Kundu, MD

13. Management of an eight-month-old infant with opioid tolerance after three weeks in PICU
Julia C. Finkel, MD; Lynda T. Wells, MD

14. AV canal repair in a six-month-old with Down Syndrome and elevated pulmonary pressures
Maria M. Zestos, MD; John D. McAllister

15. Ex-preemie for an incarcerated hernia repair: Can he go home today?
Michelle Kim, MD; Matthew S. Bargas, MD


What is the Best Way to Manage the Ex-preemie Undergoing an Inguinal Hernia Repair? An evidence-based debate
Moderator: Peter J. Davis, MD
Andreas H. Taenzer, MD
Eugene B. Freid, MD, FAAP, FCCM
Constance S. Houck, MD

Cardiac Anesthesia
Chandra Ramamoorthy, MBBS, FRCA

New Drugs
Anne M. Lynn, MD

Franklyn P. Cladis, MD