2006 Case Reports

Friday Case Reports

2006 CR1
Afrin toxicity during pediatric anesthesia
Lin C

2006 CR2
Compression of an aberrant subclavian artery during TEE in children
Jones B, Stevenson JG, Schultz AH, Jonmarker C

2006 CR3
Thermal injury from Argon Beam Coagulation (ABC) during separation of Omphalopagus conjoined twins . a case report
McElrath-Schwartz J, Sanders DD, Heitmiller ES, Redett R, Lau H, Easley RB

2006 CR4
Converting an oral endotracheal tube to a nasal endotracheal tube using two airway exchange catheters in a pediatric patient
Dobija N, Mason K , Nargozian C

2006 CR5
Hypertension and bradycardia following intraventricular mafosfamide infusion
Rhoads W, Kim C, Mancuso TJ

2006 CR6
Anesthetic management of a child with aromatic L-amino decarboxylase deficiency
Berkowitz D, Ganesh A

2006 CR7
Spinal anesthesia in an infant with Pompe.s disease (Glycogen storage disease type2)
Bishay MS, Sethna NF

2006 CR8
Horner.s syndrome in the child following thoracic epidural analgesia: A Review Of 2 Cases
Raghavendran S, Valois T, Ranger M

2006 CR9
Cardiac arrest following neuromuscular blockade reversal in a heart transplant infant
Sawasdiwipachai P, Laussen PC, McGowan FX Jr, Casta A

2006 CR10
Management of a sheared caudal catheter in an infant
Khalil, SN Su J, Alveraz G

2006 CR11
Supraventricular tachycardia during neonatal Morgagni-Larry hernia repair
Reading JK, Lin C

2006 CR12
An outcomes based enhancement and assessment program for resident pediatric anesthesiology education
Grek S, Matveevskii A

2006 CR13
Anesthetic management of a 2 year-old scheduled for thorascopic biopsy of a large lung tumor
Klumpp S, Unni J

2006 CR14
Anesthetic management of a child with Kabuki Syndrome
Yuki K, Soriano SG

2006 CR15
Anesthetic management of the staged separation of craniopagus conjoined twins Michael G, Broderick C, Balikai C, Ascher J, Patel D, Chacko S, Reddy S, Staffenberg DA, Goodrich JT,
Wasnick JD

2006 CR16
Intranasal clonidine as a premedicant
Stella MJ, Bailey AG, Valley RD

2006 CR17
Urgent fiberoptic intubation through a laryngeal mask airway in neonate with Pierre Robin Sequence outside of an operating room environment
Hernandez MR, Kovatsis PG

2006 CR18
Sedation after laryngotracheal reconstruction: Case report and discussion of issues
McGee JP, Bailey A, Valley R

2006 CR19
Airway problems in an infant with Rubenstein-Taybi Syndrome
Tutiven J, Akerman RR, Rossi M

2006 CR20
Anesthesia and perioperative care for a patient with Beckwith-Weidemann Syndrome
Chako S, Lin YC

2006 CR21
Anesthesia in a patient with Gorham.s disease
Kim A, Santangelo S

2006 CR22
Anesthetic management of a 5-year old boy with thyrotoxicosis, egg allergy and a history of malignant hyperthermia
Katz S, Klumpp S

Saturday Case Reports

2006 CR23
Dexmedetomidine sedation for tracheostomy in a child with McCune-Albright Syndrome
Tutiven J, Halliday N, Schwartz E, Srinivana S

2006 CR24
Resection of an intra thoracic mass during EXIT procedure: Anesthetic management
Nguyen K, Gore C, Olutoye O, Cass D, Coveler L

2006 CR25
Ultrasound guided saphenous vein cannulation in infants
Thukral M

2006 CR26
Prolonged use of dexmedetomidine in the pediatric ICU
Larkin K

2006 CR27
Sequential heart-kidney transplantation in two pediatric patients requiring mechanical circulatory and hemodialysis support
Diaz LK, Dreyer WJ, Fraser CD, Miller-Hance WC

2006 CR28
Spinal anesthesia for a child with a monoamine biosynthetic deficiency (ALAAD)
Berde C, Blum R, Rhoads W, Shapiro F, Alvarez-Altaleff R, Anselm I

2006 CR29
Superficial thrombophlebitis following promethazine administration
Glover C

2006 CR30
Thoracic epidural placement in child with unknown spinal cord injury
Kruger C, Galinkin J

2006 CR31
Unrecognized ALCAPA as a cause of ventricular fibrillation during PDA ligation
Bafani E, Shukla, AC, DiNardo JA

2006 CR32
Use of dexmedetomidine as the sole adjunct to topical anesthesia for direct laryngoscopy in a 13 year-old boy. A case report
Dolan J, Halliday NJ, Cardona B

2006 CR33
Use of nasal cannula sevoflurane as a sedation adjunct in a toddler undergoing daily radiation therapy
Tolley JA, Mazurek M

2006 CR34
Combined intrathecal Baclofen pump insertion and epidural anesthesia
Dixit D, Theroux MC, Miller F, Dabney K

2006 CR35
Management of a child with long segment tracheal stenosis
Conley CM, Kazim R, Kubacki T, deSerres L, Mosca R, Sun LS

2006 CR36
Management of the difficult pediatric airway with a laryngeal mask airway, guidewire, cook airway exchange catheter and fiberoptic bronchoscope
Yun ES, Becker AM, Meyer CL, Beall R, Springman SR

2006 CR37
Maternal pulmonary edema attributable to fetal surgery irrigating fluid
Allen M, Robinson MB

2006 CR38
Seckel.s Syndrome and anesthesia: a case report
Tkachenko I, Santangelo S

2006 CR39
Smith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome and the intraoperative use of fresh frozen plasma
Young DA, Porter FD

2006 CR40
Steri strip allergy.A case of mistaken identity
Maresh JR, McCann ME

2006 CR41
Anesthetic management of a patient with Hepatopulmonary Syndrome, prolonged QTc interval and panhypopituitarism for liver transplantation
Kovatsis PG, Dumont RS, Ibla JC, Kang BV, Koka BV, Kussman BD, Myers LB, Okada NA, Seefelder C

2006 CR42
Diagnostic paravertebral and intercostal nerve blocks in a pediatric patient with chronic myalgias and rib fractures
Hogan PW, Sung W

2006 CR43
Endotracheal tube is in: Now what?
Onisei AM

2006 CR44
Massive aspiration of nuts and their removal in 20-month-old child
Nguyen R, Crnkovic A, Galati L, Mouzakes J

2006 CR45
Posterior spinal fusion in a patient with severe scoliosis secondary to osteogenesis imperfecta
Patino M, Soliman LM

2006 CR46
Use of gum elastic bougie in facilitating blind nasotracheal intubation in children: a series of three cases
Arora MK, Karamchandani K, Trikha A

2006 CR47
Local anesthetic infiltration of the wound for supplemental postoperative pain management in a pediatric liver transplant patient
Kim TW, Chan CC