Faculty Manuscripts


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1. 18-Month Old with RAD and URI for Elective Hernia Repair
Anna M. Varughese, MD; Shu-ming Wang, MD

2. Anesthetic Management of Child with Down Syndrome and Moya Moya for Surgical Revascularization
Tom E. Cox, MD; John D. McAllister, MD

3. Infant with Williams Syndrome for Cardiac Catheterization/Cardiac Surgery
Anthony J. Clapcich, MD; Lynne G. Maxwell, MD, FAAP

4. Patient with Single Ventricle Physiology for Posterior Spine Fusion
Stephen Stayer, MD, FAAP; Laura K. Diaz, MD

5. 13-Year Old with Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy for Pinning of Femur Fracture
Mary C. Theroux, MD, FAAP; Allison Kinder-Ross, MD

6. 1-Month Old with Arthrogryposis for Pyloromyotomy
TBA; Ashwani Chhibber, MD; Karen S. Bender, MD, FAAP

7. 18-Month Old with Safety Pin in Trachea
Sally Bitzer, MD; Eugenie S. Heitmiller, MD, FAAP

8. 14-Year Old 6 Weeks s/p 40% Body Burn with Stridor for Tracheostomy
Thomas J. Mancuso, MD, FAAP; Pete Kovatsis, MD, FAAP

9. Thoracic Epidural for Nuss Procedure in 14 Year Old
Gregory B. Hammer, MD; Constance S. Houck, MD

10. 6-Year Old, 16 kg Child for Living Related Kidney Transplant
(no manuscript)
Babu V. Koka, MBBS; Kimberly A. Hanson, MD, PhD

11. 4-Month Old Male Infant with Enlarging Head Circumference for Craniotomy
Cheryl K. Gooden, MD; Patricia J. Davidson, MD, FAAP

12. 7-Year Old with Pituitary Dysfunction, on DDAVP, for Craniotomy
Mark A. Rockoff, MD, FAAP; Lisa W. Wise-Faberowski, MD

13. 14-Year Old Tennis Player, Mild Fall, Severe Pain, Diagnosis of CRPS-1
Santhanam Suresh, MD; Charles B. Berde, MD