Faculty Manuscripts


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Robert Brown, MD, MPH

Unexpected Cardiac Arrest
Jeff Morray, MD

Managing After Bad Outcomes
Susan M. Retzack, MD

Sentinel Event Process
Eugenie S. Heitmiller, MD, FAAP

Industrial Symposium - Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals
Looking Toward the Future: Treatment of Bleeding Episodes in the Pediatric Patient Population
Joseph D. Tobias, MD; Guy Young, MD

Transplant Patients and their Medical Conditions / Therapies: Implications for Perioperative Management
Linda J. Mason, MD

Make the Journey, Share the Knowledge
Lynda J. Means, MD, FAAP

Anesthesia on a Shoestring: Pulling it up by its Bootstraps
George D. Politis, MD

Neurotoxicity of Anesthetics in the Developing Brain
Sulpicio G. Soriano, MD, FAAP

Clinical Implications of the Effects of Anesthetics on the CNS - Neuroprotectants or Neurotoxins?
C. Dean Kurth, MD, FAAP

AAP/ASA History/State of the Issue
Alvin Hackel, MD, FAAP

Community Hospital Perspective
Mark A. Singleton, MD