SPA 16th Annual Meeting

Program Schedule

October 11, 2002, Orlando, FL

Program Description

Welcome to the 16th Annual Meeting of the Society for Pediatric Anesthesia held in sunny Orlando, Florida. This year's program is based on membership feedback and evaluations from our recent meetings. We are pleased to present the 2002 program and are thankful for the participation of our membership in helping select important, timely and interesting topics. The lecture series will include sessions on thrombosis/hemostasis - control of coagulation, inflammatory interactions, blood component therapy, progress in the development of a blood substitute, a pro/con debate on LMA for Tonsillectomy, family-focused anesthesia, and our special interest lecture "The Weddell Seal, a champion diver of the Antarctic Ocean". We hope you will enjoy and look forward to your participation in this year's SPA program.

Maurice S. Zwass, MD
Program Chair

Program Objectives

Thrombosis/Hemostasis - Control of Coagulation

The attendee will review the coagulation cascade and its control as well as developmental factors involved, and how this is relevant to our management of patients in the operating room.

Inflammation Interactions

This lecture will review the interaction of inflammatory mediators and how this has led to the development of therapeutic interventions for the treatment of patients. The potential impact of these discoveries on the future or our practices will be discussed.

Blood Component Therapy

This lecture will present the current status of blood component therapy, and discuss techniques available for blood product conservation and reduction or avoidance of transfusion therapy.

Progress in the Development of a Blood Substitute

This lecture will present the considerations involved and current status of the development of a clinically viable blood substitute.

Pro/Con - LMA for Tonsillectomy

The attendee will hear a discussion of factors in favor and against the application of the Laryngeal Mask for Tonsillectomy. The attendee will learn considerations that may help them modify their current practice.

Evidence-based Medicine

This lecture will present the attendee with a framework to employ the results of case series and medical literature to alter and enhance their clinical practice.

Family-focused Anesthesia

This lecture will help the attendee understand factors that they may employ in their practice to enhance and make more positive the operative experience for the patient undergoing a surgical procedure and their family.

The Weddell Seal, A Champion Diver of the Antarctic Ocean

This lecture will review the physiology of diving and relate this to interesting clinical phenomenon that we encounter.