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Instructions and Guidelines

Junior faculty are strongly encouraged to consult with a mentor prior to submitting an abstract.

Only abstracts that contain actual data will be scored.

Submitting an Abstract Online

The abstract submission process contains many steps. These steps should be completed in the order listed, although you can go back and edit information at any time. The steps do not have to be completed in one session.

Once an abstract is submitted, information cannot be edited.

The Body of the Abstract

The body of the abstract will be typed or pasted onto the online form. References should be included at the end of the abstract body.

Research Study:

INTRODUCTION/STUDY QUESTION: Clearly state this here.

METHODS: Please state: Nature of study design/ what was study population? What was the study population? What are the primary and secondary variables?

RESULTS: State results and/or refer to Tables or Figures.

DISCUSSION: State what your results mean. What is the importance of the results? Do the results support or refute the study hypothesis?

Case Report/Case Series:

State in first paragraph why this report is a novel case report.

Character Limit: (Additional files count as 300 characters)

*Images and Additional Files

If you are submitting supplemental graphic files with your abstract, please convert them to jpeg format at a width no greater than 600 pixels. This includes:

Please note that supplemental files in formats other than jpeg will not be accepted.

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